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    Drosophila Culture is the culture of Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies, which is a common practice in the fields of genetics and developmental biology.

    This is due to the convenience of raising D. melanogaster, its rapid breeding rate, and the ease with which its morphology can be identified.

    Our Drosophila Culture Series includes vials, bottles, and
    foam plugs in bulk or tray packaging.

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    Narrow Bulk Drosophilia Vial
    Price $88.09
    Narrow Drosophilia Vial Tray
    Price $95.43
    Narrow Drosophilia Vial Plug
    Price $227.58
    Wide Bulk Drosophilia Vial
    Price $90.54
    Wide Drosophilia Vial Tray
    Price $100.33
    Wide Drosophilia Vial Plug
    Price $227.58
    Bulk Drosophilia Bottle
    Price $95.43
    Drosophilia Bottle Plug
    Price $330.36

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