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    LaserCode 1000®

    Marking system for on-site, on-demand, permanent sample tube, vial, or plate labeling

    AnchorA compact, SBS formatted, fully automated laser labeling system designed to etch permanent sample identification markings  using either a CO2 or fiberoptic laser.

    • Makes permanent sample identification possible on small labware where there is no room for adhesive labels
    • Enables vital information such as dates, contents, experimental conditions, etc. to be etched on containers to meet clinical study needs
    • No consumables such as ink/labels/ribbon necessary
    • LIMS compatible
    • Etch sample ID’s on both plastic and glass labware
    • 384 SBS formatted samples per hour


    Apply custom, on-demand labels directly onto your labware to increase lab efficiency and achieve better label adhesion.

    AnchorA compact and versatile labeling system designed to print and place your adhesive labels directly on plastic and glass labware at the touch of a button.

    Eliminates hand/glove contact with adhesive to maintain adhesion quality

    • Retains exact label placement position every time
    • Applies label with uniform pressure to prevent labels peeling away from labware over time
    • Saves laboratories  both time and money when compared to hand-applying adhesive labels
    • Small size – 14″ w x 10″ d x 12″ h
    • Auto-adjusts to different tube diameters
    • Labels tube sizes ranging from 0.5mL plastic minitubes to 50mL conical
    • Easily adjustable label placement height
    • Custom label sizes available

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