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    TWD, based in Pleasant Prairie, WI was founded in 1997 as a supplier of unique laboratory products, pre-barcoded labware utilizing specialized permanent sample ID technology, and custom on-demand sample ID services and equipment. We provide our services to Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical, food products and related industries. TWD is committed to providing outstanding customer service and dedicated to fulfilling the demanding needs of laboratory professionals.

    A partial list of TWD's products and services include:


    TWD TradeWinds' permanent barcode or other identification markings are suitable for virtually any glass or plastic labware and can withstand the harshest laboratory conditions where traditional adhesive labels fail. For example, when applied to our high recovery vials, PSID's provide an easily automated solution for long-term compound storage with no weight change.


    TWD utilizes a centralized barcode database to check produced barcodes for duplications or illegal characters across multiple customer sites. We use a constantly evolving software suite to better protect your data. We also monitor how much labware inventory each customer has, and send notifications when stock is running low.


    TWD Scientific offers a wide selection of disposable laboratory products designed for convenience and reduction of cross contamination. A sampling of TWD's disposable products include weighing funnels in glass and plastic, disposable forceps with blunt/sharp tips available in sterile peel packs, vial racks with microtiter footprints designed for automated systems such as autosamplers, antistatic powder transfer scoops for rapid transfer of milligram quantities, Chill Trough™ reagent reservoirs designed to keep assay reagents cold up to 4-hours without the use of ice, along with a variety of other automation friendly products.


    Under LabMart, we have three channels of distribution that offer a broad portfolio of laboratory supplies and equipment. Through DOT Scientific, LPS, and JH Berge, we provide products and services for molecular biology, cell culture, chemistry, cold storage, and other general benchtop applications. All of our channels are committed to providing our customers unique products at a competitive price.


    TWD BioX's product line provides customers a convenient and easy way to get quality labware without the hassle. Our newly introduced line combines cutting-edge technology and high-quality supplies to make some of the best products in the industry. Through our dedication to excellence and unbeatable prices, the BioX line separates itself from the competition. TWD BioX has strived to become the most efficient and affordable supply chain in the industry.


    Kemtech America Inc. has been Synthware Glass North America’s marketing and sales company since 1992, and merged with TWD in 2014. They currently design and manufacture more than 2,000 different products to supply to over 2500 universities, pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories worldwide. Kemtech provides the highest quality as we use Schott Duran, Simax and BGIF borosilicate 3.3 tubing, and manufacture strictly according to the ASTM Standards.


    Our experienced team members are dedicated to give you the support you need. Here you can find out a little about their backgrounds.

    John Wang
    John Wang is President for the TWD family of companies.

    John has extensive experience in sales and marketing, as well as general management in several multinational corporations, such as AlliedSignal, Honeywell, and Cytec Industries. Most recently, he served as President and CEO for Kimble-Chase Life Science and Research Products, LLC.

    He holds an MBA in finance as well as a Ph.D. in chemistry.

    John Wang President
    Amanda Morin
    Amanda is in charge of managing operations for the TWD family of companies. She works with customers and vendors alike to ensure business flows smoothly.

    She began working at TWD in 2005, and her work ethic and dedication as a production employee led to her being hand-picked by the company's founder to learn most aspects of the business. Her years of experience and training have led to her current management position.

    Apart from work, she enjoys spending time with her family.

    Amanda Morin Customer Service Manager
    Scott Erickson
    Since 2006, Scott has been working with TWD TradeWinds to make sure the production team is able to execute the delivery deadlines set by customers, and managing them to reach peak efficiency. He also assists in the development of TWD's automated system solutions.

    He holds a master's degree in chemistry/organic synthesis, and worked at Abbott Laboratories synthesizing new compounds for cancer research.

    His hobbies include fishing and hunting.

    Scott Erickson Production Manager
    Maximillian Schneider
    Max has a long history with TWD - he has been around the company culture for most of his adolescent years, and has finally come into his own assisting the company's growing needs.

    After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor's degree in computer science, he brings a youthful excitement and eagerness for experience to the office each day.

    In his time off, he enjoys playing volleyball and ultimate frisbee with his local sports team.

    Maximillian Schneider IT/Data Management & Supply Chain Coordinator
    Gwen Schmidt
    Gwen started working on the production floor in 2005, and her bachelor's degree in computer science led her to work with her superiors on establishing the technological infrastructure and quality control procedures that are still in use and under development to this day.

    Her adaptability and years of experience with the company allow her to fill in for other members of the team during absences so there is no interruption to our responsiveness to the customers.

    When she isn't at work, she enjoys dancing to 80s new-wave music and playing cute/spooky videogames.

    Gwen Schmidt IT/Data Management
    Ashley Alley
    Ashley began working for TradeWinds on a part-time basis in 2008, and her dependability and quality of work gained her a reputation as an asset to the company. Her versatility led her to branch into additional tasks such as office processing and complex production jobs/setup.

    When TWD partnered with Kemtech in 2014, Ashley shouldered the daily responsibilities of processing orders and addressing customers' needs. She was crucial in developing process improvements to Kemtech's service flow as the company grew. She is now Kemtech's customer service team lead, and oversees her team's daily operations to make sure orders are processed correctly and delivered on-time.

    Ashley Alley Customer Service (Kemtech)
    Tyler Gittens
    Tyler began working for TWD as a production employee in 2011, and management quickly noted his earnestness and hard work.

    He has recently graduated with a bachelor's degree and two minors, and moved up to being in charge of assisting customers, doing sales visits and tradeshows, and processing orders for the BioX and Trident companies.

    When not at work, you can find him camouflaged in the wilderness with his dog hunting for the next big game (or watching the football game on a television - either one works).

    Tyler Gittens Sales & Marketing

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