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  • ThermaBond Labeling

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    ThermaBond Sample Identification on Plastic and Glass Labware

    ThermaBond represents a significant improvement over previous direct printing sample identification methods on the market. Thermabond can be applied to an existing white writing patch or directly on either plastic or glass labware.

    • Fast and cost-effective way to permanently barcode labware.
    • Especially suitable for small labware, such as mini-tubes and cryovials.
    • No need for a patch on labware, which will save money.
    • No added diameter to hinder placement in racks and no peel-off to worry about.


    • 1D, 2D, Custom
    • The marking can be digitally formatted to meet specific needs.

    High Contrast and Automation Friendly

    • Compatible with all automated handling devices and racks that can hold the original labware.
    • White print ribbon used to print directly onto blank labware.
    • Black print ribbon used to print onto existing white patch.


    • Thermal transfer printing ensures superior bond to labware.
    • This type of labeling is temperature compatible from room temperature to -196°C, water/sonication, centrifugation, autoclaving, etc.
    • Chemically Resistant.
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