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    Permanent Fused Labels Applied to Plastic Labware

    FusionBond Technology represents significant improvement over existing labeling technologies. FusionBond was developed to permanently bond sample identifications directly onto plastic labware.

    • Proprietary labeling process eliminating pinholes and bonding the label to plastic labware permanently
    • Significantly improved contrast over laser-etching technology
    • Impervious to most laboratory handling and storage conditions
    • Automation friendly, thin, rack friendly, and non-interfering
    • Compatible with all automated handling devices

    FusionBond Fused Labels are resistant to:

    • Solvents, caustics
    • Temperature extremes and scratches
    • Can be used in water baths, sonicators, centrifugal evaporators and centrifuges

    Variety of Plastic Labware

    • Vials, plates, media bottles, etc.

    Multiple Labeling Positions

    • Side, top, bottom, partial and full wrap-around

    Various Labware Sizes

    • Ranging from small labware, such as 0.2mL minitubes…
    • …to very large labware, such as 1,000mL media bottles

    All Symbologies

    • 1D, 2D, QR, Custom

    High Contrast and Universally Readable Barcodes

    • Suitable for high throughput automation
    • Multiple lines of text/sequence/artwork/designs
    • Color printing and graphics available
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