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  • Cell Culture Dishes

    Cell culture dishes are a type of laboratory vessel for the culture of micro-organisms or cells. All Biologix cell culture dishes are constructed of high quality optically clear materials for microscopy purposes.


    • Constructed of highly transparent polystyrene
    • Non-pyrogenic
    • Non-cytotoxic
    • DNase, RNase, and human DNA free


    • Lid design promotes effective gas exchange
    • External grip for easier handling (07-3035 and 07-3060 only)
    • Smooth, transparent materials facilitate observation of cells through a microscope
    • Raised edges for convenient stacking
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    Cell Culture Dish w/Ext. Grip, 35x10 mm
    Price $117.46
    Cell Culture Dish w/Ext. Grip, 60x15 mm
    Price $146.82
    Cell Culture Dish, 90x20 mm
    Price $102.78
    Cell Culture Dish, 150x25 mm
    Price $185.99

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