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  • BioX Centrifuge Tubes


    • Gamma radiation sterilized
    • Non-pyrogenic
    • 15ml and 50ml conical tubes available
    • 15mL – RCF 12,500xg, 50mL – RCF 17,000xg


    • Foam racked packages offer the convenience of oriented product presentation
    • Samples can be viewed without removing tubes from rack
    • Bulk packaging contains transparent polyethylene bags are durable and protect the tubes well
    • All sterile tubes are packaged with caps attached

    Cap Design

    • Flat-top caps:
      • Biologically inert, high density polyethylene provides a chemically resistant surface
      • Double threaded design to reduce cross-threading, easily opened and closed
      • Flatness facilitates top writing areas for sample identification

    Tube Design

    • Tubes are made of strong, medical-grade polypropylene
    • Transparent wall permits easy viewing of tube contents
    • Conical bottom design fits most standard floor model and table-top centrifuges
    • Graduations with white ink in 1ml (for 15ml tubes) or 5ml (for 50ml tubes) increments
    • White writing area facilitates sample identification
    • Solvent-resistant printing will not rub off during routine laboratory procedures
    • Tubes are covered with leak-proof caps that comply with IATA Safety Standards
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    15mL BioX Centrifuge Tubes (Racked)
    Price $125.24
    15mL BioX Centrifuge Tubes (Bagged)
    Price $114.80
    50mL BioX Centrifuge Tubes (Racked)
    Price $177.42
    50mL BioX Centrifuge Tubes (Bagged)
    Price $164.36

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