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    Sample Identification on Plastic and Glass Labware

    TWD TradeWinds offers laser etched sample identification markings that are applied to the white writing patch of either plastic or glass labware.

    • Fast and cost-effective way to fit large amounts of information on labware.
    • Applied patches accommodate specific barcode lengths.
    • Laser markings become part of the labware itself.
    • Markings are resistant to solvents, concentrated acids/bases, temperature extremes and scratches.
    • Automation friendly since they will not fall or rub off.
    • Laser Etched ID’s are compatible with all automated handling devices and racks that can hold the original labware.

    Cryovials, Plastic and Plates

    TWD’s Laser Etched ID’s can be etched into plastic labware containing an ink patch or laser dye.

    • A laser removes a portion of the ink patch.
    • The marking can be formatted to meet specific needs.
    • This type of labeling is temperature compatible from room temperature to -196°C, water/sonication, centrifugation, autoclaving, etc.
    • Etching is especially suitable for small labware, such as mini-tubes and cryovials.
    • Utilize existing patches on labware to save money.
    • Alternative to cryolabel barcoding solutions; no added diameter to hinder placement in racks and no peel-off to worry about.


    Most cryovials come with a white ink writing patch that will be sufficient for laser etching. However, if the patch does not meet your needs, TWD can apply a high-quality patch length available in many custom sizes. This label can then be laser etched to create barcodes and text, further enhancing the contrast created by the laser etching process.

    The contrast created by the laser etching of the white patch is easily read by barcode scanners. The color of the contents inside the vials does not affect readability. Stationary scanners on an automated system may require a simple adjustment on reading angles and reading distance to optimize the scanner decoding speed. Contact our tech support today at 1-888-323-3585.

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