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  • Tri-Cornered Beakers


    • Features a tri-corner design that provides three dripless pouring spouts
    • Five different sizes meet different needs
    • Have good impact strength and are translucent and autoclavable
    • Economical enough to be disposable and easy to clean and durable enough for reuse

    Beaker Design

    • Materials: Strong, medical-grade polypropylene
    • Available in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 400ml, and 1,000ml
    • If they fall, they will not break like glass beakers do
    • Dripless pouring spout offers more security
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    50mL Tri-Cornered Beakers
    Price $39.34
    100mL Tri-Cornered Beakers
    Price $46.66
    250mL Tri-Cornered Beakers
    Price $65.54
    400mL Tri-Cornered Beakers
    Price $75.72
    1000mL Tri-Cornered Beakers
    Price $139.80

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