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  • Transfer Pipettes


    • Polyethylene pipettes will not shatter or break
    • Good alternative to pasture pipettes and rubber bulbs
    • Perfect products for quick, safe transfer of fluid
    • Long flexible stem can be bent to draw liquid from narrow or small volume tubes into the bulb
    • Uniform drop size
    • Available with gamma radiation sterilization or non-sterilized
    • Integral, self-contained pipettes eliminate the problems of attaching rubber bulbs and suction devices or changing pipette tips
    • Good thickness distribution guarantees suction force

    Pipette Design

    • Available with 2 capacities of 1.0 and 3.0ml
    • Molded graduations
    • 100% inert for accurate sampling
    • Transparent wall permits easy viewing of pipette contents
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    Non-Sterile Transfer Pipette, 1mL
    Price $120.02
    Sterile Transfer Pipette, 1mL
    Price $300.06
    Non-Sterile Transfer Pipette, 3mL
    Price $120.02
    Sterile Transfer Pipette, 3mL
    Price $302.66
    Sterile Transfer Pipette, 3mL (0.5mL Graduations)
    Price $302.66

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