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    Cell culture involves sampling cells from an organism, placing these cells in an in-vitro environment, and observing their growth, reproduction, or aging processes. These cells can also be used in the study of cell engineering, cancer, and other major fields. Cell culture is the basis of virus and vaccination technology.

    • Basic Biological Research
    • Clinical Medicine
    • Animal Breeding
    • Production of Biological Macromolecules
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    Cell Culture Dish w/Ext. Grip, 35x10 mm
    Price $117.46
    Cell Culture Dish w/Ext. Grip, 60x15 mm
    Price $146.82
    Cell Culture Dish, 90x20 mm
    Price $102.78
    Cell Culture Dish, 150x25 mm
    Price $185.99
    Serological Pipette, 1mL
    Price $137.03
    Serological Pipette, 2mL
    Price $119.91
    Serological Pipette, 5mL
    Price $110.12
    Serological Pipette, 10mL
    Price $119.91

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