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    Specialty Plastic Lab Products

    Cryogenic Vials and Freezer Boxes
    Minitubes and SBS Format Racks.
    TC Treated Dishes, Plates, Flasks and Serological Pipettes
    Loops, needles, spreaders, and petri dishes
    PCR Strips, Tubes, Plates, and Caps
    Centrifuge Tubes, Microcentrifuge Tubes, Transfer Pipettes, Tri-Cornered Beakers, and more.
    Small laboratory equipment for liquid handling, mixing, PCR, centrifuging, and more
    why choose us
    TWD BioX's product line provides customers a convenient and easy way to get quality labware without the hassle. Our newly introduced line combines cutting-edge technology and high-quality supplies to make some of the best products in the industry. Through our dedication to excellence and unbeatable prices, the BioX line separates itself from the competition.
    TWD BioX has strived to become the most efficient and affordable supply chain in the industry.
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    If you would like to request a sample,
    please email us or call us at 888-323-3585

    Contact Information

    10555 86th Ave, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
    Customer Service
    Nancy Moore
    IT/Data Management
    Maximillian Schneider & Gwen Schmidt


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