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    Solvent-tested permanent ceramic sample ID
    Permanent labels on plastic labware; color at no additional cost
    Permanent, thermal transfer sample identification. Ideal for small labware.
    UV bonded ink jet printing directly onto labware. Ideal for large labware such as plates, racks and boxes.
    Superior label adhesion, LN² or chemical-resistant compatibility
    IDs permanently laser-etched onto labware
    Cost-effective weighing service, accurate weight QC
    Easy off-the-shelf 1D/2D barcoded vials for sample tracking
    Automation-friendly and durable polypropylene racks
    why choose us
    - our proprietary products and services have allowed us to achieve things that others simply can’t do
    - our 100% quality control ensures that all of our high standards are met
    - a knowledgeable and dependable team of employees gives us the comfort of knowing that each and every job will be completed on time and with care
    - our highly qualified, successful team of managers and executives gives us the ability to make decisions that are based on years of experience and proven strategy
    Review from Anita Vrcic

    “Just a great company! Timely and thorough with everything they do for us. Their staff is knowledgeable and the product quality is exceptional. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them throughout our 10+ year relationship.”
    -Team Lead, Compount Management
    Center for Development of Therapeutics
    Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

    Anita Vrcic
    Review from Susan Smith

    “TWD has always worked diligently to ensure the sites for our study have ample laboratory supplies and that supplies are shipped to the sites in a timely manner. We understand what a huge undertaking this is and we truly appreciate all of your efforts. The hard work and dedication has been impressive to say the least! Thanks for ensuring this study is successful!”
    -Research Administrator
    University of South Florida

    Susan Smith
    Review from Jim Olson

    “When it comes to custom barcoding TWD is truly superior and always offers competitive prices! When you pair that with an energetic customer service staff that is always eager to help, it is easy to see why they quickly became a key supplier to our operation! TWD has been nothing but a pleasure to work with.”

    Jim Olson
    If you would like to request a sample,
    please email us or call us at 1-888-323-3585

    Contact Information

    10555 86th Ave, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
    Customer Service Manager
    Amanda Morin
    Production Manager
    Scott Erickson
    Quality Assurance
    Gwen Schmidt
    Jinghua Schneider
    John Wang
    IT/Data Management
    Maximillian Schneider & Gwen Schmidt


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